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Deploying a 360° web solution
using Figma, WordPress as CMS, and API calls to create a custom booking system.

Case study: Ginevida

Custom design and development, calendar API integration, and a ton of knowledge about creating a comprehensive website that meets the needs of the owner and their patients.

Ginevida is dedicated to growth and has a remarkable ability to stay connected with their patients by embracing the latest digital solutions. They constantly explore new ways to use technology, such as telemedicine and user-friendly web integrations, to provide personalized support.

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Introducing the case study of Ginevida with a laptop mockup on a table. The hero section of the homepage is shown in the laptop's screen.

Overview of the project

The challenge

Although the client presented it as a redesign of the current website, I quickly realized that the real challenge was to lead patients of diverse ages and backgrounds through a seemingly complicated booking process. The website must provide multiple services to patients, delivered by various doctors on different calendars, creating an even greater challenge.

Showcase of the hero section of the landing page made for a crowdfounding participation for Regemat 3D.
Screenshot prior to the redesign
Showcase of the hero section of the landing page made for a crowdfounding participation for Regemat 3D.
Screenshot after to the redesign

The approach

Dividing the redesign into various stages, with a primary focus on delivering a viable product launch that serves as the new brand design. Additionally, this product should have the capability to facilitate scalability and the integration of features that, over time, would distinguish the clinic for its ability to offer and manage online services effectively.

I envisioned a complex backend for the client, while introducing something new to customers the patients. I had to provide instructions to both parties without overwhelming them throughout the project.

tone of voicecomplexity gradedirectnesscontent segmentationtarget audiencevisual cuesengagement balancescalability

It was key to establish and make the client reflect on the clues to ensure a successful product. In the future, we will examine analytics, but my role at the beginning was to listen to their expertise, identify their strongest points, and ensure they were ready to work with me to improve their online presence and follow my guidance.

A glimpse into the booking process

A streamlined, efficient way to book from any device

Genevida's team and I worked together to create a booking system that was complex to build but simple and accessible for both patients and doctors. It integrates 18 services, always prioritizing a hassle-free booking process that benefits the patient.

Screenshot of the about us page of Ginevida.

Just a reflection of a highly qualified service

The foundation for creating a 360° website for this obstetric clinic was rooted in their service. The site aims to be both user-friendly and enjoyable. As someone with a passion for learning, I found genuine pleasure in hearing from healthcare professionals about their practices. The process involved attentive listening, days of reflection, and a dedication to shaping content that would be truly meaningful for their patients.

The Genevida team consciously avoided aggressive marketing tactics. Instead, their focus was on making it easy for users to find the information they need, when they need it.

To create a more favorable website experience for both the clinic's medical professionals and staff, we aimed to anticipate patient behavior based on age group, level of urgency, and specific expectations.

It's all about the user experience here in this website, and that's why we've taken a real mobile-first approach.

We've thought about how potential patients might book appointments—whether they're chilling on the couch after a long day at work, riding the bus, or just browsing on the weekends. We've tested and refined our approach over time, taking all that context into account to create a simple, user-friendly interface that provides just the right amount of information. And we haven't left anything to chance—every part of the website has been carefully designed, from the color choices to the content placement.

Screenshot of the homepage of Ginevida where a mobile view and a desktop view are shown one next to another.

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