Get to know me

Twenty-five years have passed since I first touched a computer. I remember playing Aladdin with a ball mouse. Shortly afterward, in the early 2000s, my friend and neighbor could play FIFA 99 on his PC—not on mine—and since then, I have been constantly searching for the screw to tighten to be able to play on my old Windows 98.

As a tech enthusiast, it's hard not to get excited when talking about automations, websites, and code. So let's cover those quickly, and then I can show you some of the more interesting and fun things about me. ¿Trato?

I create thoughtful and curated digital products

There aren't many ways to create an excellent website, and I know one of them.

Paying attention to details is not just a cliché for me. It's a methodology and, at the same time, a skill to cultivate. It's like playing to uncover all the rules of the game.

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A trusted set of top-tier tools

I strive to ensure that all information is clear and easy to understand. I believe that my work tools can be seamlessly integrated into a workflow to maximize efficiency. I have a great deal of faith in my processes as I have been continuously refining them to optimize and integrate all of my client projects.

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Detail and scalability

I prioritize quality over quantity when creating a superior product. I focus on laying the groundwork for success. We will have a rationale for every decision, measure outcomes, deliver, and measure again.

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Embracing imperfection

You might've noticed a few glitches on this website—some broken links and unfinished lines. Honestly, I tend to procrastinate and obsess over perfection when it comes to my own projects. But I'm trying to find a balance between showcasing my best work and embracing vulnerability and imperfection. I'm particularly proud though of my commitment to giving more than I receive. I believe in the power of thoughtful processes and taking the time to consider that my actions can positively impact others.

I also enjoy immersing myself in new cultures and communities. I like to stay in one place for a while and really get to know the people, traditions, and nuances that make a place unique. It's amazing how much you can learn and appreciate by taking the time to observe and engage with your surroundings.

So here I am, improvising every character I'm typing with the hope that you get a better idea of who I am, what I struggle with the most, and what I'm ahead of. I remembered some Ali Abdaal ideas where he said that the best way to write your book is just sitting down to write the book, like no matter your lack of ideas, you just have to do it. Well, I guess that's what I told myself before starting this text, in case it was super shoddy. The key here is: it'll improve with time, I'll improve too.

Do you want to start with that redesign? Let's make it happen.

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