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Twenty-five years have passed since I first touched a computer. I remember playing Aladdin with a ball mouse. Shortly afterwards, in the early 2000s, my friend and neighbor could play FIFA 99 on his PC—not on mine—and since then I have been constantly searching for the screw to tighten in order to be able to play on my old Windows 98.

As a tech enthusiast, it's hard to talk about myself without getting excited about automations, websites, and code. So let's cover those quickly, and then I can show you some of the more interesting and fun things about me. Trato?

The content I provide is based on my non-negotiables

There are not many ways to create an excellent website. I know one of them. I'll make sure your website exceeds the limits of your product.

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A trusted set of top tier tools

I strive to ensure that all information is clear and easy to understand. I believe that my work tools can be seamlessly integrated into a workflow to maximize efficiency. I have a great deal of faith in my processes as I have been continuously refining them to optimize and integrate all of my client projects.s

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Detail and scalability

I prioritize quality over quantity when creating a superior product. I focus on laying the groundwork for success. We will have a rationale for every decision, measure outcomes, deliver, and measure again.

Photo of Pablo Santalla at Long Beach, CA

This is a title yet not completed

So there's actually a reason why you'd probably find broken links and unfinished lines in this portfolio website. I procrastinate my own projects to the limit. I'm also a perfectionist, so I'm working on trying not to care too much about not showing my 100% all the time. Yeah, I know the theory... but it's a work in progress. Anyway, I was trying to get to the point that I'm the kind of person who tries to give more than I receive; that's a part of my personality that I've worked on and I'm most proud of.

Right before coming here, I did a time-consuming investigation on other portfolios: what should I write about, should it be more work-oriented, more personal, how should I balance it? Well, you must know that I thought about all of this but I ended up not writing anything, I just placed some Lorem Ipsum and kept coding the rest of the page. Wrong.

So here I am instead, improvising every character I'm typing with the hope that you get a better idea of who I am, what I struggle with the most, and what I'm ahead of. I remembered some Ali Abdaal ideas where he said that the best way to write your book is just sitting down to write the book , like no matter your lack of ideas, you just have to do it. Well, I guess that's what I told myself before starting this text, in case it was super shoddy. The key here is: it'll improve with time, I'll improve too. Learner. Discoverer. Technology geek. Skier, and beach lover. I'm enjoying cruising my skateboard along Long Beach's paseo.

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